Is my information safe?
Yes.  You information is confidential between you and ourselves.  We will not publish this anywhere without your permission.  We work to a strict code of practice which can be viewed on the 'about us' page. We are also registered with the Data Commissioner for processing personal data.
How do I order a genealogical package?


Look on the genealogical packages page and decide which package is right for you.  Then go to the shop and order.  It is as simple as that.  If you are not sure which package is right for you, email us through the ‘contact us’ page and we will help you decide.


What hidden costs are there?
The UK General Record Office makes a charge of £9.25  for every birth, marriage and death certificate so we will have to ask you to pay extra for these.
There may be additional costs, of about £3.50 per item, for downloading original wills and other documents from the National Archives. 

Photocopying or taking photographs from relevant archives - charged at the archives rates.


Searches for Scottish birth, marriage and death records cost about £1.50 for 6 credits and £2.50 for a will or testament.


Searches for living relatives in the 2002-2011 on-line Electoral Register costs £10.00 for 5 searches.



What do I get for my money?


For each of these packages we will send you an email file, a bound printed report and a CD, personalised to your family which will include:

A genealogical report listing all sources and citations of references. Listing ancestors' dates of birth, marriage, and death, places of origin, residences, and occupations.  It will also include any other information discovered during the research process.  This will be presented in a PDF format with a printed copy of the file and a CDrom or memory stick.  You will be able to print out and send to other members of your family.

  • An ancestor or descendent chart as a family tree. We can personalise the background of this chart so that you can print a copy for framing.
  • An explanation of any obscure words relating to occupations or reasons for death.

How can I pay?


You can pay through the website shop by credit or debit card conducted safely on line by Paypal.  Alternatively you can pay by cheque if you live in the UK.


How long will it take to get my report and family tree?


It depends on the amount of work involved but we expect to finish your one surname report within 3 weeks of your commission and 6 weeks for a 2 surname report.


How much does it cost for an initial discussion?


All initial discussions are free of charge.  We will do this by landline phone, Skype or by email depending on where in the world you are and what your preference is. For those who live outside the UK there will be a small charge for the telephone call.


What does the initial discussion comprise of?


When we call or email you, we will take an initial family history.  This will include determining which generation we start to research.  We need a little information about births, marriages and deaths of any 20th century ancestors you know about and you can tell us any family stories you would like recording. You can also let us know if you have any photographs you want to include in your report.


What is genealogy and family history?

Genealogy is the study of families, tracing their lineages and producing reports and charts based on research from a range of sources including census, birth death and marriage records. Genealogists use oral history, historical records, DNA analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family, creating reports and charts which show the pedigree and family tree of a family’s decendents or ancenstors. Family history is linked to genealogy and aims to add details about the lives our ancestors lived as well a provide historical context.

We can trace your family tree and lineage based upon research from a range of sources including old parish records, census, birth death and marriage records, and oral history. We can also add details about the lives of your ancestors, where they lived and what life was like for them. 



Can I choose how my printed file is presented?


Our standard file is a bound copy of the reports using springback binders in a colour of your choice along with any relevant certificates; census records, wills or other records we find for you. Email only packages receive all of the reports and images by email.