Our Services at a Glance

Genealogy and Family History Packages 
Email only package
One surname, five generation family history and genealogy - £120.00

Package 1    
One surname, five generation family history and genealogy -   £150.00
Package 2    
Two surname, five generation family history and genealogy -   £250.00
Other services available
Research service - tailored to your needs  - £30.00 per hour plus costs

You will find detailed information about each of our services under their respective web pages and you can purchase them from our website shop. If you are not sure which service is right for you, just email us through the ‘contact us’ web page.

What do you get for your money?
  1. For the genealogy packages, we will send you an email file, a bound printed report of our research findings and a CD containing the files we produce, all of which can be personalised to your family. The 'email only' package will be sent to your email address.
  2. An ancestor or descendent pedigree chart as a family tree. We can personalise the background of this chart and you will be able to print other copies for framing  or to give to other family members.
  3. A PDF file of your tree and report.
  4. A kinship report showing your relationship to your ancestors.
  5. An explanation of any obscure words relating to occupations or reasons for death.
  6. A place report detailing where each of your ancestors lived.
  7. A Gedcom file and all data saved to a CDRom or memory stick
Note: The email only package is the same as the above but delivered by email and there are no postage costs associated with this service.

We charge a standard UK rate of £10.00 for postage of our genealogical packages and £20.00 for our overseas clients. 
Additional Costs  - the small print!
You do not have to purchase the following services if you do not want to.  Sometimes people like copies of the original birth, marriage or death certificates in their file.  On occasions,  in order to confirm dates, we may need to access original certificates.  Here are the prices anyway.  We do not charge anymore than the goverment department rates.  We will not order any certificates or make additional charges without permission from you first.

·    The UK General Record Office makes a charge of £9.25 for every birth, marriage and death certificate so we will have to ask you to pay extra for these.

·    There may be additional costs, of about £3.50 per item, for downloading original wills and other documents from the National Archives. 

·    Photocopying or taking photographs from relevant archives - charged at the archives rates.
·    Searches for Scottish census, birth, marriage and death records cost £1.50 for 6 credits and £2.50 for a will or testament. The price depends on the charges made by Scotlandspeople at the time the research is undertaken and on the number of searches required.

Searches for living relatives in the current Electoral Register costs £10.00 for 5 searches.